In 2009 I started my freelance PR agency right out of college. "The Little Things Studio" was would be your one-stop agency for all things PR. 

Problem? The branding was horrible. My logo was a bird I saved as a PNG from clip art (yes child) and a site on Weebly that had no flow or strategy.

Back then I had little design experience, using the Internet as my learn center. After getting my second degree in Interdisciplinary Art Design,  I worked with different companies, learning the importance of design and how it connects with consumers.

Today, I am a visual marketing specialist helping brands connect with people and people to their brand. I use visual strategy to help brands, bloggers, and entrepreneurs establish and maintain their identity.  

Brand recognition is key to growth. Having a strategy is the only way to grow. You may think it's difficult, but I make it simple for you to understand. 

What's holding you back? If you're on the fence, it's time to get off. 


A Little More About Me

Visual marketing specialist, visual brand strategist, creative guru. What are these words? 

I think of myself as more than a "designer." I get to the grit of brands (blogs and businesses) to help establish a visual package tailored for them. My 7.5 years of working with small and Fortune 500 companies allows me to understand what consumers look for, how they react to good design, and what keeps them interested in what people are selling. 

I'm passionate about working with self-proclaimed "DIY Creatives" because I don't believe your budget should keep you from having the best design. In order to profit, you need to have a steady audience. You need killer design to match you killer content. 

Need to contact me? Drop a line here.