FIVE12 STUDIO is a brand identity house lifestyle and retail brands who are ready to be change makers and rule breakers. Empowered by making brands human, we use strategic design that turns your target audience into brand loyalists. 

The FIVE12 STUDIO Mission

Launch, develop, and/or partner with 100 lifestyle brands in the next decade motivate people to break the status quo by the way they eat, sleep, and live.

Become part of your brand.

FIVE12 STUDIO isn't just, "doing work" for you. We're really involved from the beginning and end. You're involved in every process and communication is key. 

To serve.

From increasing brand awareness to teaching others to use their untapped creativity, FIVE12 STUDIO wants to help everyone be the best version of themselves.

To promote diversity.

More than Black and White, FIVE12 STUDIO is passionate about reflecting their customer in every place they sit on the web, social media, and print.

Build community. 

Learning from one another is the truest way to grow and become our better selves.

Why, Hello!

In 2010 I started CNICOLE PHOTODESIGN as a way to market my creative skills between jobs during a tough economy. I knew nothing about market research or building a brand, but I did know how to design well and take really great photos. As I grew in skill and solidified my mission and vision, CNICOLE PHOTODESIGN didn't fit and thus the shift to the name, FIVE12 STUDIO (five-twelve-studio), creating a branding house that focuses on launching and growing brands from brainstorm to launch.

By the way, FIVE12 comes from my birthday month and day, May 12. Now that you know, please send presents.

Being a change maker and rule breaker means not doing the ordinary. Stepping out of the box and owning your values is key. Trends are temporary--don't follow them. Leave a footprint that allows you to be original, creating your own path and foundation to be remembered.