Pinterest is Important

A few weeks ago I was sucked into this vortex of an argument (I was on the outside reading in)

on how pinners felt about the medium. Some were losing interest saying it creates a false sense of reality (fair argument), or they're bored with it (to each their own), or how it's not important and just a big waste of time.

I don't know their background, what they do for a living, but if you are a business owner, freelancer, blogger or working with the general public, listen closely:

Ya’ll, Pinterest is important. 

Maybe it’s not as important as drinking 2 liters of water or eating healthy or getting sleep, but it is important.

Don’t side eye me--hear me out.

Yes, Pinterest is full of DIY projects you’ll attempt to do one day, food that looks cool to cook and clothes you wish were in your closet but you can’t afford. For a lot of people it’s an escape or a way to kill the next 4-6 hours. It’s fun. Who can argue with that?

However, Pinterest is important to me, my business. 

When I work with clients (especially remotely), I like to use the secret boards and invite them so they can gather inspiration. I ask them to pin anything for that inspires them for said project because it helps me as a huge visual person. That, along with emails and phone conversations, helps propel said project to the next step.

It’s also good for checking in to see if I’m on the right track, I like to go back and check that I’m incorporating their vision. That and I don’t have to wait for a response via email/phone convo (all the time).

Not only the clients, it's good for your branding as well.

There's been criticism about bloggers/freelancers using Pinterest to promote themselves. I don't see this as a problem. Any free advertising we can get via social media is good. The great thing is, one pin can generate a lot of traffic to your site/blog. Because there's this trickle down effect, for lack of better words, bloggers content has a great chance of get repinned over and over again, causing the great exposure. One click from a post can bring you new readership, having the "Target Effect" (I came to this site for just ONE thing. How did I get stuck on here for an hour? Now I'm addicted).

Who doesn't want this exposure?

So Pinterest is important-more than cute furry animals, random wants we can't afford or those crock-pot recipes we really will try one day.

If you're a business owner, utilize this medium to connect to your audience.

Just a little advice from me.

Until next time,