2015 + 2016

This is it--the last day of 2015. 

Honestly, I still can't believe it's 2015, let alone the last day of 2015. I really thought it was 2012. And I keep signing things 2013. And I keep thinking I graduated college a little over a couple of years ago (it's going on 8 years, ya'll!). 

So here we are: making lists, making certain aspects of ourselves more fleek; more lit--I'm down with it. 

2015 has been rough. Sure I can look at all the lessons I've learned, but I honestly want to drag, delete, and empty out the trashcan this year belongs in. More on the personal front, less on the F12 front. In fact, my clients and the the people I connected with have been the bright parts of my life.

But let's not dwell on the not so good and look at what's coming up:

I'm trying to approach 2016 with as much optimism as I can but with caution. One of the things I did this past year was try to blog about things I thought I needed to blog about. "You can't blog about lifestyle anything on here, because this isn't a lifestyle blog." Now mind you, lifestyle is so fleeting. What does that even mean, anyway? 

On a side note: I learned this past year is to be careful in how I approach rules. In fact, I'm not looking at anything I read as rules anymore. Who's the authority on rules in blogging anyway? 

I'm also going to start writing about "lifestyle suggestions" because I honestly believe they can go hand in hand with being a healthier "entrepreneur."

One thing I want to touch on is wellness, both physical and mental wellness;  how it connects with being a freelancer, running your business, or/and building your brand. During one of many rough spots, I realized it was hard for me to do the simplest things, like simply turning on my computer

What it all comes down to is this--I want more transparency. It's the reason I started the Creating the Course series. We see the big numbers and the successes from some people, but we don't see the disappointments from others. Now mind you, it's not their duty to show us everything. To each their own, and I mean that sincerely. For me, I want to be more open because I hate the idea of someone feeling alone and like a failure. The idea that people beat themselves up because they went about something a certain way, they thought they "followed the plan" and they still weren't successful. That loneliness, that sense of failure is awful. If there are more people who have openly said, "Hey, I get it, but you can come out of it and be successful!" I think that builds not only stronger leaders but a stronger community. 

Of course the website is getting an update, hopefully by the second full week of January (fingers crossed). I'm simplifying my services, gearing toward what I want to do and not what I feel I need to do. I want my business to have passion--profitable passion. I'm looking at bloggers I want to collaborate with in their space and invite them to mine. There's a lot that I see needing to be done, and 2016 is all about doing them. 

I leave you with some of my favorite posts on the blog of 2015. Hope you have a safe and happy New Year. 

Until Next Time,

Clarissa Nash

Designer, photographer and writer who's half Daria/half bohemian with a pinch of Beyonce.