2017 Starts Now


Want a successful 2017? Setting your goals in 2016 will help you succeed more because you're working already working towards them.

Why start now? Think about it? Every December and January- we make a list, we have these plans and wait for the fist to start them.

For me, it’s kind of a weird thing. I have to start things on 1st or 5th or 10th or 15th.  For some reason, starting things on the 3rd seems off- it doesn’t make sense.

Start something on the 22nd? Nah, I’ll wait until the 25th because that SEEMS like a better start date.

It’s a weird quirk, but a quirk I’ve learned to embrace.

But it’s also what has made me miss some of my goals for 2016, personal and work related.

Earlier this year I made a very detailed goal by quarter. I hit some goals (getting back on my feet financially, for example, which is HUGE) but haven't come close to others (I’m not in any local shops, I haven’t lost those pounds I wanted to lose).

Looking back at why, I know some were due to circumstances I couldn't see, but I also know it was poor planning on my part.

The goals I wanted? They take at 6 months of planning and executing, and I didn't add that to the factor.

A hard lesson I learned: nothing you want will happen overnight. NOTHING.

This year, I'm changing my approach for 2017 goals. I'm starting to work on them  NOW instead of January 1st.

This isn't a trick- it's SMART.

Think about it: after setting your goals, you have to START, and depending on what they are, there’s a lot of backend to reach those goals.

How do you make goals obtainable?

Taken from the book of Mattieologie, I’m applying her #nohalfassing and hitting it full force. In her newsletter, she states:  "It's not about doing more, it's about doing better...When you narrow the focus, you expand the value."

Knowing that value and quality are crucial to the success of my goals, I am planning now to make sure every detail is looked at.

So what are my goals?

2017 Goal 1: Relaunch my Photoshop classes.

I have been incredibly busy getting adjusted back to Dallas and working a 9-5 that FIVE12 has become a side hustle. This isn’t an excuse. After a crazy two years, I needed to take this time to get settled, gather my bearings and BREATH. That meant not touching ‘Shop Your Shots’ until I could go back and figure out a different way of teaching. I have a plan (you will know in due time), and I’m already planning behind the scenes.

What I’m doing today: Researching space.

Looking at guides created for those who signed up. Asking people what they would like to learn. Creating a launch plan that includes how I’m going to market via social media and newsletter signups.

2017 Goal 2: Launch the shop.

I had an ETSY shop once upon a time but didn’t put the focus in like I needed to. Now with my own site and the ability to have a shop, I’m ready to put the design and calligraphy skills to work.

What I’m doing today: Practicing calligraphy, staying away from Pinterest to not get tied up in someone else’s ideas, sketching ideas during breaks/before bed. Researching how people buy products.

2017 Goal 3: Major Project 1.

Leaving this title a secret for now, but I can tell you I’m equal parts excited/nervous/anxious/excited/scared about this. I know it is definitely wanted, and when I talk about it with a few people the response is VERY positive. I have an amazing partner in crime who’s just as passionate about this that I don’t want to let down, so I know I have to keep up with it. Mainly, this project isn’t about me- it's about you, and you, and you, and you. As I'm working, I know that will be my focus as I get this launched off the ground.

What I’m doing today: Working with my incredible friend to brainstorm ideas and get the ball rolling. This hold me accountable because I can't let people down (and don't want to). I'm also, getting the foundation down for the pitch to others who will join the team, crafting plans, finalizing the web space..

2017 Goal 4: The Life Long Dream.

There’s always something I’ve wanted to do but have always been too scared to do. “What if I’m not good? What if I get rejected?” I won’t blame anxiety for this because everyone has a fear of failing. Here’s the thing: my idea could get rejected. It could be accepted. It could be sent back as not good enough. But if I don’t go for it, how will I know?

What I’m doing today: Launching the shop is step one to this.  Launching Major Project 1 is also another step. It coincides so well with this Life Long Dream. Practice, practice, and more practice. Reaching out and pitching. People have to know you in order to work with them, right? That means I have to start making those connections now and not wait.

There’s no reason any of us can’t reach the goals we have for ourselves, no matter the circumstances.* By planning and executing now, we create the right habits, getting one step closer towards what we want .

What do you have in mind for 2017? How are you starting it today?