5 Small Business "Oh-Nos"


If you're thinking about creating a small business or develop yourself as an entrepreneur, here are a few things you should avoid. Some of these are a "duh" (hopefully) while a few others may be a head-scratcher.

Not having a conversation on your Twitter feed. 

Blog links, website links, Instagram links, links to the left, links to the right.

But you're not engaging. To me that says your Twitter is a hub for links and you don't really care about interacting with the medium, which is completely fine and your prerogative--I won't be following because I love interacting with my followers.

Automated DM's.

Curse whoever made this a thing. It's impersonal and it's immediately an unfollow. As a small business, brand, or blogger, you have to be personal. Auto DMs are everything but. If you want to communicate with new followers, an easy "at-reply" does the trick. "Hey @newfollower! So glad we can connect!" ANYTHING but an automated DM.

Not having standard information on your Twitter profile.

If someone follows me and all I see is a profile pic, I'm not going to even bother reading your timeline. I assume you're spam and you'll be gone in two days anyway. If you're a PR savvy person, list that. If you're a huge fan of Dr. Who, list it. I don't care, but you need something in the bio so my curiosity piques.

The biggest thing: If you're a professional without a website, I scratch my head and wonder why? A graphic artist with no portfolio? A blogger with no blog link? What are you DOING?

Do me a favor: link your site, blog, or Instagram I want to get to know you!

Newsletter pop-ups.

Small business use newsletter pop-ups for opt-ins and create leads. I understand this is a necessity. However, if there are 20 pop-ups appearing before I can read your content or I can't click out of it on mobile, that's a huge mistake and it will drive off potential clients.

Comic Sans

What are you doing this for? Why are you doing this?

Unless you're a 5-year-old with a site about Candyland or an 8-year-old who writes poems about unicorns, delete this font off of your computer.

Got any small business  "oh-nos" I didn't mention? Feel any of them are actually not that bad? Leave me a comment. I'd like to know your insight.

Until next time,