Blogging Maintenance

We usually get into a routine with blogging—get the right photo, create a graphic, double (or triple check) our content. We post it, tweet about it, Buffer it, then go about our business.

Having great content is...well, great and often the most important important thing for your blog.

But do you just post it and forget it?

I do, but I shouldn’t and I’m getting my act together.

So in helping me help you, I made a to-do list we both can use.

Don’t groan. This to-do list is beneficial to both you and I, and can be done over a period of time.

-Back up your blog. You're OCD writing them, right? Why would you not have that same urgency in backing it up?

-Back up your design. Are you doing this before you make the finest tweak to your template? You better. But also, get in the habit of doing this every month.

-Check your photo links, especially if you post from a site (Pinterest, Tumblr, the original source, etc). If you uploaded from your computer to your posts, you should be fine, but if you switched platforms or inserted via link, it maybe be broken or lost. This can be a process, so make a goal to do at least 20 posts at a time so you’re not overwhelmed. Yes 20. It’s really not as bad as you think

-Share old posts. Wordpress has a plug-in called “Tweet old posts” which works well. If you’re on Blogger, you’ll have to kick it old school and copy the link to share. Schedule these posts using Buffer or Tweetdeck. Depending on your blogging schedule, two old posts between new posts are fine. I’m on a sorta hiatus so mine have been more like 4 or so a week until everything is settled in my life.

And if you’re wondering why you should share old posts: your audience has probably grown since you wrote said posts. Don’t assume they’re going back to your very first post ever and reading from there. Simply not the case. Allow them the opportunity to read some of your posts from the past. It allows them to feel guilty about not following you sooner.

-Clean up grammar. Shouldn’t this be what you’ve done before you hit publish? Sure, and I’m sure you have. But if you’re like me,  you’ve done everything you’re supposed to do before hitting publish, then you go back and read old posts and you’re like, “Is this even English? How did I miss this horribly structured sentence.” And if you don’t do that, you’re lying. We’re not perfect, no matter how hard we try to be. This is ongoing and I say check your popular posts first, then go for the ones you’re going to send out. if you have over a thousand posts, you don’t have to do ALL of them.

Not too overwhelming, right? And there’s flexibility. See? We all win!

How else do you do blog Maintenance?

Until next time,