Do I Change My Name? The Branding Struggle


You’re starting a new business venture, be it a blog or some small business. You have a name and you love, love, love it! So you go with it. It’s everywhere, you’ve even spent some money on it.

And now you hate it.

It’s like that tattoo you got that you thought was so cool and got on impulse and now you’re sitting wondering “Why?” and budgeting laser removal.


You had the intent to do something with said brand name. It fit so great with your idea at the time, but as you developed, evolved, the name just doesn’t fit anymore. Now you feel stuck. You want to change this one thing, but how?

Change your name.

“But won’t that confuse my audience?”

If you do it and you don’t tell them and you just keep going on about your day like NOTHING has changed, then yes, yes it can.

If you give a heads up and an explanation as to why you’re changing and what to look forward to, your audience will understand.

I’m not saying change your name as the wind blows. That may detour your audience if you’ve changed a third, fourth or fifth time.

I get it. I went from CNICOLE Photodesign to FIVE12 STUDIO and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

FIVE12 fits what I wanted to do. It allows me more freedom to work with different people I admire in and out of the design/photography field. It allows me to expand on dreams I have for the future. I love seeing FIVE12 STUDIO on business cards, social media, etc. I love hearing people say the name the same way I love hearing random accents and languages on the busy streets of New York.

So here’s the deal on should you or shouldn’t you change your brand name: if you’re not in love with what you have now, and I mean in that really cheesy,

Fault in Our Stars, The Notebook kind of way--go for it. If you feel like your name doesn’t fit what you’re currently doing now and it's so outside of what you're really passionate about and wants to start pursuing now, change it. At the end of the day, you have to live with it and you deserve to be happy with it.

Until next time, C