Why You Should Clean Your Twitter Account


Earlier this month I decided to clean up my Twitter account. I created and updated lists, unfollowed accounts that were inactive, dead or had no interest to me (brands, not friends) and started following people I found valuable to myself, business and my present (and future) audience.

“Isn’t that a little…pretentious?”

Nah, it’s smart and here’s why:

1) You want to follow people you enjoy seeing in your timeline. What’s the point in following people you’re going to complain about? That get on your nerves and make you roll your eyes? That’s silly.

2) You want to be “aligned” with the right suggested followers. 

“That seems uppity.” 

When I follow someone on Twitter, a "who to follow" list comes up. For me, I'd like FIVE12 STUDIO to be amongst like accounts that I find valuable.

3) It helps you connect with the right people. This might seem redundant, but you want to connect with people who will help you grow your business and overall a better sense of self. It's not about being a “Twitter socialite” (Is that a thing?). But as a business person, you have to network. You never know who you can help or even who you can become friends with.

I don't seek validation from anyone but myself (and God), but there are people I follow (like Maya Elous and Hey Fran Hey) who have preached "the word" and all I can do is say, "Yes!" It always seems to happen right when I need it.

Now here are ways to make your have focus

1) Make sure YOUR tweets offer something valuable. You want to follow people with quality timelines, make sure yours is of quality too. I am not saying censor yourself (how could I?), but it's good to have mix related to your services: original posts, articles, retweets, and the like. Timelines that are a hub for links it looks like spam and I avoid following those accounts. Seeing people interact with others and tweeting wisdom makes a quick follow. I also love reading people’s random tidbits for the day.  I love seeing people being HUMAN on Twitter. We're not robots after all.

2) Avoid the drama. Child...I have STORIES of Twitter drama that amounted to nothing. It's pointless, foolish, and overall dumb. Most people who slip into your mentions are trolls--bored with nothing to do in their spare time. Don't feed them.

3) Update your Twitter profile. But most importantly, have a Twitter profile. It amazes me how many people don’t have a description of who they are--just a name. You have 160 characters to tell people who you are and why they should follow you, to show who you are and what you do.

Have you thought about your timeline? What else do you suggest?

Bonus: If you're wondering if you should delete old tweets, I say no, only because I don't see a point. There are third party sites that still hold every tweet you've made, and there's no erasing the Internet. However, if you want to, go nuts.

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