Creating the Course: Week 2 and 3


If you're new: Creating the Course is a series where I journey through creating my first e-course. The idea is to provide an honest interpretation on what happens when you launch. Will there be crickets? Will I knock it out of the park?

If you’re new to the series, here’s a catch-up:

I started planning a webinar on the basics of Photoshop, that started off as an e-course launch but changed gears after getting some great advice from Mariah, Maya, and Halley. Nervous about failing and wondering if I should even be doing this. Then I left off letting ya’ll know how the course was going to go.

“And that’s what you missed on GLEE!” You can also read the post if you're interested.

Now onto the workshop:

According to the Google Hangout counter, there were seven people. I don’t know if there were or less, technically. And I had to send out another link because the link I embedded didn’t work even though I tested it. There were technical issues. When I thought I had the share screen on I didn’t, it was just me talking. I was going from chat to PowerPoint to Photoshop.

By the time I was half way through it I really wanted to end it. But for those seven people, I had to finish it out.

Saying I was embarrassed would be a lie. The worst part is I felt like I let my audience down. 

But as life has it, I didn't have time to dwell. My friend asked me to go on a Target run with her, and how can you be sad at Target?

When my friend and I talked about it, she made the "blow" less of and put things into perspective:

  • All the technical stuff happened in front of a small audience.
  • 10 percent of those that sign up show up, so in reality, I hit above that.
  • I now can fix and tweak the workshop to make it better.

So here’s where I went wrong and here’s how I plan on fixing it:

  • Pick a better time. 4PM on a Sunday during football season is not ideal. Why? Because I don’t sports but other people do. The fix? Plan earlier, probably on a Saturday afternoon before 4.
  • Trying to teach via presentation/PowerPoint with no handout or worksheet. I had shortcut sheets but I didn’t have a workbook or guide to follow along.
  • Teaching a technical/skills class like a concept class does not work. It's better to have a live classroom effect, where I go through each skill and take a break to take questions live. I will do this as a small class to get better interaction.

Update 11/12: I removed the challenge and form for right now. I'll update you when the class resumes.