Do Not Copy From Word to Blogger


Yesterday I finally got a chance to sit and comb through my blog, clean it up, and edit some things. Then I realized I noticed my fonts were different. Thinking it was a mistake in coding or an accidental selection in the layout section, I went about fixing this.

The font I wanted was selected but it wasn’t showing. After doing Internet research, I realized it was because I typed my posts Word, and when copying and pasting the text while I prepared for posting, somehow Microsoft’s principles overrode the code I set myself.

Who knew Microsoft was so powerful?

You can do one of three things:

1) If you are adamant about blocking up your blog (and you should be!) backup current one and restore your last blog that had the same format. This should put your fonts back to how you wanted them to be, no problem. If you’re smart, stick with that and don’t ever copy and paste from Word again ;)

2) If your last backup was a completely different design, try going to developer tools, ‘Command+F’ or ‘Ctrl+F’ and look for ‘MSO.’ That’s the code for Microsoft’s override. If you find it, go to ‘Edit HTML’ under ‘Template’ use the same find shortcut (Command+F or Ctrl+F) find it and delete it.

3) If there’s no such luck, you might be in for a bit of a pained and tortured process. If you can remember the posts you typed in Word, go to those, copy and paste, into a text (not Word document) like TextEdit for Mac or Notepad for PC. Copy and paste again to said post to said post, overriding the published version. The date won’t change (and if it does, just change it back) but it is a pain in the ass and a complete fluster cluck. Go back and forth until you see your font start to change. Once it’s changed, save the template.

And never ever copy and paste from Word again.

Until next time, C