F12 Reads: September 30


Well holy. It’s the last day of September and Q3. Leaves have changed colors and We’re actually getting cooler temps. Isn’t that exciting? Yay Texas!

Here are some links that were on my radar that you should read because reading is indeed fundamental and stuff.

Do Not Disturb: The Need for unplugging as a Creativepreneur written by the CreativeGent. I really need to work on this!

Does your Squarespace template lack a sidebar but you really want one? No sweat! Rekita has a simple solution to that.

Seasons of newness. Kate of Wit and Delight had a baby and is embracing her season of newness. PS, he’s adorable. 

As a former critic of Instagram Stories (how DARE they rip of Snapchat…right? ;)), it’s become one of my favorites. Sarah of XOSarah.com breaks down how to use it and 6 ideas on what to share.

To-Do lists seem never-ending? Feeling unproductive with it? You’re probably doing it wrong. Listen to Mattieolgie’s podcast on creating the right to-do list and actually getting -ish done.

Have you caught up on the blog? If not, here are some reads:

You should be working on your 2017 goals now. Here’s why and what I’m doing today.

Have you tried Duotones in Photoshop? You should!

Have a great weekend and enjoy the first day of October!

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