A Look at September

It’s Septemeber, almost October aka the last quarter of the year. Didn’t 2017 just start?

As we enter the new quarter, I want to reflect what I’ve learned and some tiny growths. In all my years of FIVE12 I haven’t shared a lot of truths because I didn’t know how and nervous it didn’t measure up to all the other 6-figure bloggers who were reporting income.

Well, screw that. I’m gonna keep it real because it’s what I like to do.

Note: I didn’t make 6-figures this quarter. Not even close, and that’s OK.

Here’s what DID happen:

FIVE12 STUDIO (general):

First and foremost- I have help!


Meet brand assistant, Hanna. I’ve worked with her in the past and not only is she one of the coolest people I know, she’s also smart and talented. We vibe well and I’m excited to have her work on some FIVE12 projects that will roll out during Q4 and Q1 of 2018.

Brand consultation client.

My first client for brand consulting was a success and I can’t wait to see her vision. It’s not that I haven’t done it before, but taking it under my wing by myself was a huge step in the FIVE12 direction and I am pumped. It’s allowed me to figure out the kinks and the missing pieces of what I need to do to make pre-consults better.

Client revisions.

I’m also excited to work with my client on her upcoming blog launch. This is happening soon and I’m possibly doing the tootsie roll. Maybe, probably, yes.

FIVE12 Site refresh.

The look and feel are coming together nicely. I learned launching while not perfect and tweeting along the way is better than procrastinating. We’re constantly evolving because we’re not perfect, and giving myself this grace allows me to look at imperfections as lessons instead of failures.


My mental health journey.

My anxiety and depression were out of wack and my doctor upped my dosage which made it worse. Not only was I still depressed, I was tired ALL the time, gained weight, and had anxiety attacks out of nowhere. After doing some research and talking with my doctor again, we lowered my dosage and I started cleaning up my diet. I feel better, thankfully, and am working on cognitive behavior to get it together.

I still don’t have the answers, and I wish I did.

Running for endurance. Because I want to run a half marathon one day, I switched my game. Instead of running for speed, I run for endurance and did about 4 miles without wanting to die. Boom.

Because I want to run a half marathon one day, I switched my game. Instead of running for speed, I run for endurance and did about 4 miles without wanting to die. Boom.

Back health.

Standing desks (even makeshift ones) are the bomb. Increasing posture and lessening back pain is what I’m all about (IKEA Hack: Place a smaller table on top of your desk. Ta-da!).

For those who don't know, I have degenerated discs which just means the lower discs between vertebrae (or wherever they're located) aren't 100, so back pain fades in and out pretty quickly. As I look into getting a standing desk, I made a DIY-ed my own by putting my IKEA Lack table on my desk. Ta-da!

FIVE12 Lessons:

Give yourself grace.

Not everything is black and white. If it doesn’t work one way, breathe. Give yourself a chance to learn, grow, and try again. Ask for help. Being superhuman doesn’t mean doing it yourself. Sometimes you need other superhuman to help you.

Speaking out helps.

I worry about talking about mental illness for many reasons, but whether I not I spoke on it I was still going to suffer. If anything speaking up helped me reach out for help, but in doing so, people reached out to me saying other people’s advice helped them. This is why I speak up. I hate the idea of faux community (cliques disguised as communities) and wanted to create an honest conversation that could lead to people helping other people.

When I asked about advice for dealing with mental illness without meds, there were so many great options- everything from certain vitamins, exercising, and digging into spirituality. People connected with each other who didn’t know one another. The common thread between us is we all need each other.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Pre-therapy, my depressive and anxiety episodes would have gotten me into something deep and scary. This time, I learned to recognize I had a bad day, but tomorrow will be better.

Downtime is prep time, so chill.

I haven’t been super active on my Facebook page and Instagram like I wanted to, but sometimes developing means taking a little break, even if it’s unexpected. Maybe I’ll lose followers but it is what it is. I’ll gain new ones when the time is right.

A mini look at October.


Since I’m juggling a new project with FIVE12, I’m definitely focusing on balance. What days and times do I allocate to what?

Content that goes back to basics and answers the simple questions.

I realized O started answering more complex questions for my audience but they had basic questions, so back to basics, it is. How else are you able to build?

FIVE 12 Friends Newsletter will be re-launched.

It’s been silent, but again, I’m concerned about quality over quantity and didn’t want to push out newsletters that were trash worthy. I’m aware it's been over a year (yikes!) and my apologies for that. We’re getting the ball rolling over here to make up for that!

Prepping for 2018.

If you’re not doing it now, you’re too late. I know 2018 is in 90+ days, but that’s not a long time if you want your 2018 to be full of hitting your goals. Start setting your goals and testing out your strategies so you can avoid delays in the New Year.

How’s your September been? What are you looking forward to in the last quarter of 2017 and the start of 2018?

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