Yes, I'm Working!


I’m not completely productive in an office setting. Blank walls, florescent lights...I can’t concentrate. Throw in a big window and the ability to make myself cozy (can I bring in a bean bag?) and we might be on to something.

Don’t get me wrong--I really like an office setting, but a “traditional office setting” isn’t my cup of tea.

With plans of having my own studio one day, I know I want tons of natural light and workstations as opposed to cubicles and closed office doors. Good coffee and food (not vending machine food) are the most important things.  And music is essential. There has to be some sort of Spotify playlist going at all times.

Until that day comes, I work from home.

Or a cozy spot in the library.

Or at a coffee shop not necessarily Starbucks (but yes, sometimes Starbucks).

And yes, I’m actually working a lot.

Freelancers, ya feel me?

Until next time,