Get Started Freelancing


Have you wondered when you should start working on your own goals? When you lose your job? When you're absolutely miserable at your current one?

Get started freelancing, now.

Let me be 100% honest. It takes hard work. There will be times you're uncomfortable. Yes, you'll feel overworked and underpaid. You might even become one with a dead wall.

But also, you'll feel proud taking the first step.  The opportunity of choosing your own work is exhilarating! Balance will start to form and you'll find your own groove.

You're going to do a lot of great things, Dear Freelancer.

Now, buckle up. This is going to be a wild ride. It's going to be a scary ride. It's going to have twist and turns...and it'll all be worth it.

First, you can’t compare yourself to the bloggers or the people you’re looking up to because you don’t know their story. You don’t what they’ve gone through to get to where they are. This is something I tell myself daily because it's easy to do.

Second, you need to be willing to fail. Not everything you touch will turn to goal. You'll feel the sting. Live in it for a few hours, then make a plan to do and be better.

If you're wondering why did I decide to freelance...

I was forced to, sort of.

After working a full-time position, the company decided they didn’t need a creative person and I was part of the downsizing (read: let go).

Even though I had no intention of staying with the company forever, I procrastinated on the plan on getting started to freelance and work on my own. There were so many excuses:

  • I wanted a certain amount of savings

  • Having a projects under my belt was key to marketing myself

  • My "hustle game" needed a pick me up and I wanted to work on it

But as the saying goes, we make plans and God laughs...wholeheartedly.

So if you don't listen to anything else or any other piece of advice I ever give, listen to this: Start your freelancing career now. Yes, you can freelance and work a 9-5 at the same time.

Layoffs can happen at any moment. You want to be prepared.

Freelancing out of desperation leads to burn out real quick. You get desperate for money and start taking any client, leading to hating your work. Start small, working on the weekends with 1-2 clients per month. See how your schedule goes and pick up more, stay where you are or subtract. Being able to build your freelance profile while working your 9-5 allows you to be less stress about money and build towards your goal.

If you suffer a layoff, you're more prepared. There's a shift and a transition you'll go through, but building your network now allows you to reach out.

You're able to invest and pay your bills at the same time.

I know about being broke. I know about needing to decide between the cell and the lights. I get it. And at the same time, there are premium features you want to invest in to help grow your business.

Some of you may like your job. Some may not and are ready to break away. Remind yourself that your 9-5 can be your angel investors. You don't have to worry about a loan or using credit.

By the way, if you think you're too broke to start, you're not. Here's a list of tools you can use to get started for free.

Get started freelancing, put extra money in your pocket. 

Who doesn't like extra money? Freelancing on the side allows you to have extra change. Practice taking out 10-12 percent of each project for taxes (quarterly taxes are fun said no one ever), and pocket the rest. Again, invest in yourself, but building a nice nest on top of what you earn is always nice.

Freelancing is a lot of emotions, but if you're ready to do it, do it now. Start. And keep reading for more freelance tips.