Credit: Clarissa Nicole of FIVE12 STUDIO

Credit: Clarissa Nicole of FIVE12 STUDIO

There are tons of articles, posts and pins about being a successful blogger—each talking about engaging, post times, plug-ins, photos, layout, keywords, what to add in, what to avoid, etc.

Well, get ready to read the ONE thing you need to do to be a better blogger.


They key to being a blogger?

Doing whatever you want.

If you want to do “guerrilla” style blogging, (posting and blogging at whatever time on whatever topic just because you want to) then go for it. 

- Hate Facebook? Don’t use it. 

- Love Twitter? Tweet on homie. 

- Want to do 5 posts a week? I tip my hat to you. 

- Feeling burned out? Take a break. It’s going to be OK.

- If you’re interested in SEO and analytics, study it and have it work for you. If you’re not into that kind of thing, then you can avoid it.

There’s so many rules about what you should do to double your audience in half the time or how to grow readers so you can make money. They’re great, especially if that’s what you want to do. But where are the posts that say you don’t have to do any of that to be a good blogger? 

What if blogging was simply writing and sharing what you enjoy? No formula, no rules, just you doin’ you?

In the end, that is the ultimate way to be the best blogger. 

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