F12 Projects: Latitude Yoga Logo

An active yogi, Christa is using her talents and gifts to help others find their inner yogi. When she asked me to design a logo for her, I was ecstatic, as a wannabe yogi myself, to work with her.

We put together a moodboard, gathering nature’s elements as inspiration. There were many drafts (as there usually are). The first one that made the cut was fine and almost marked as “done” but it didn’t feel right in my spirit. Here’s the thing with designers, or at least me—if I’m not 100 percent in love with it, even if the client does like it, I can’t mark it done. Why? Because it’s not my best, and I don’t give my clients half-hearted work. 

Nope! What was I thinking?

Nope! What was I thinking?

So I contacted her about my new (and better) idea and she was greatly open to it. After changing the font to sans serif, simplifying the graphic art of the logo and added the latitude to bring the theme together, it was complete. We both loved the outcome and felt it conveyed what she wanted 10 times better.

If you’re in Brooklyn, make sure you check her out! She’ll be teaching classes at Brooklyn Yoga Collective starting this week. 

Clarissa Nash

Designer, photographer and writer who's half Daria/half bohemian with a pinch of Beyonce.