2017: New Year, New You, New Us


The new year is a great time to hit the restart button and plan all the things you want to do in life and business. I’m not going to lie, I don’t always see some things to the finish line, but that’s OK because life happens! If you’re not about setting resolutions, that’s fine, but I love partaking in the tradition my own way, so I do. Let’s get to it!

FIVE12 in 2016 wasn’t a fail. I got myself together, realized who I wanted to be, what I want to represent, and how I want to represent them. I’m finding out that I don’t want to be like so and so because they already exist and there’s no need for a carbon copy. I learned how I want to present my blog, what elements to take away and what to add.

For that reason, I’m halting services for now. In 2017, I'm building free and paid content to help bloggers & online brands/businesses curate a visual strategy.

I hear the designers yelling at their screens now but hold on- I got ya’ll!

I’m working with people who need help making their design and content to marry each.

- Just because you don’t have the money YET doesn’t mean you have to have an ugly design.

- Just because you don’t have the money YET doesn’t mean your temporary logo has to look a mess.

With a lot of people winging their design, I want to help them be their best until they're ready to hire someone. I know the words “strategy” can scare people, but I’m here to break it down the way I did for my clients.

From typography to the importance color theory, I’m going to teach the simple basics you can use so people will take you seriously.

The end goal is to prevent you looking back at your work saying, “Ewww.”

Here are other things I’m working to build in 2017

1. Online community building.

It’s time.

I’m not a fan of “finding your own tribe” but I am a fan of actually finding one. I don’t do well trying to fit in so I made a vow that I would stop trying and embrace the people around me who get me. Those people are my tribe. Those people are the ones I want to invite for future projects and posts. It’s time for me to stop trying to get in with certain cliques and do things the way I want to. If you build they will come, someone said, so I’m building.

It’s about filling in the void. There’s a weird void I’m seeing in the space. People feel like they have to conform and be like this or that person. It’s like a high school and it’s sad. Not in a sarcastic way, but it’s sad to think grown ups have to try to fit in instead of being comfortable with who they are. What if we build a community sharing who one another are? I don’t know if I’ll be perfect at it, but I can try, right?

Being about the people. 2016, politically, has been the worst. If anything, we have to help each other as human beings, not relying on political parties. My goal is to connect with other creatives to figure out how we can help each other and lift each other up. If this isn’t what you came here for, I understand and that’s your choice. I’ve always struggled with how much can I say or not say to “protect my brand,” but it’s so silly as a Black woman to be quiet. Again, this is me, and I don’t advise anyone to do what they don’t feel comfortable doing. I don’t feel comfortable being quiet, so I won’t.

2. Wellness reports.

I promised myself I was going to get body, mind, and spirit together. I don’t hate income reports because it shows a breakdown of where the money goes and how much someone makes. However, that’s not for me right now and I do believe in self-care the more aware I am of my own mental health.

The plan is to post an honest monthly account on how I’m treating myself in hopes to influence you to do the same thing.

Remember, if you don't have your mind right you can’t get your business right.

3. Webinars/Workshops

A combination of free and paid, I’m ready to use really help the community with all the skills and tools I have. I’m ready to collaborate and learn from my collaborators. I am excited for us to grow together and from each other.

You guys, there’s a sense of optimism I’m feeling for the year. I think 2017 is the year of people helping people, and that’s what gets me pumped about this year.

What are some of your goals? I'd love to know in the comments!

Until next time, C