Square Plugins: A Squarespace User's BFF4L

Like Robin to Batman, diamonds to a girl, Square plugins are now ya girl's best friend. 

"Um, didn't you say you used Squarespace because you DON'T need plugins?"

Yeah I did. My bad.

Here's the deal, I LOVE Squarespace, and I am a ride or die chick for it (er…that’s extreme. I won’t ride or die for anyone), but I do understand there are complications with certain templates that can cause frustration when you want a certain feature and you can’t get it.

However, I love doing research, and sharing with you fine people HOW to do it.

A client wanted a video header instead of a static image, and I tried, so hard, to follow the tutorials, tweak code, change code, “create” code, etc, to get what I wanted it and it was no bueno.

Sidebar: you cannot copy any code and have it work for every thing, most of the time, do to a platform’s development. So something for Wordpress may not work in Drupal or Squarespace, etc. I WISH it were that simple, but that’s not how coding life works, unfortunately.

The thing I love is how SIMPLE it is. And I mean, it is SIMPLE to use, much like Squarespace. 

Here's what it looks like to install the video header (without the code of course):

It's really as simple as the screen caps show. If you can read, you can do this. You don't need to be a coding genius. Isn't it great? 

And yes, a lot of the cost something, but honestly, it is worth the investment.

I know i just relaunched my website but now I want to do it again...sort of. 

Are you going to use Square Plugins? If so, how are you using it? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

*Note: this this is not a sponsored or affiliated post. I'm really just a girl that's a stan for awesome, productive products. :)

Clarissa Nash

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