That Brick Wall


I hit one a few weeks ago. I had zero motivation, zero ounces of energy. Everything seemed to be so...blah. I hate blah. I can't be creative with blah. Inspiration doesn't come from blah. In the end, blah just takes over and you end up feeling...blah.

I guess it's something everyone goes through, especially artists. I told myself to take a "break" before but I didn't realize how bad and how much I needed to.

Then I found myself like Teddy Snuggums there (OK, I have no idea what his name is but apparently I use to call mine Teddy Snuggums, so that's what I'm calling the little guy in the picture). I literally had my head against the wall, trying to squeeze ideas and be more creative. I hate that feeling because "blah" was winning and I felt defeated. Am I making sense?

So I walked away (hence the absence of posts) and did some creative projects around the house (like painting my room) and creating a new environment. Now I've got all these great ideas and can't sleep as I'm thinking of this and that. Of course, this happens at the worse of times, like 3 AM when I should be sleeping.

The blah isn't completely gone. This week I had another road block and had to walk away and find something to organize--this time files on the computer because I'm so OCD everything else is organized in its proper place at home--and more ideas developed. The blah subsides, or I'm taking control over how much blah messes with my creativity. Either way, I'm not so much like Teddy Snuggums this week.