The In Between

You finally decided to do it. Whatever it is, you're really pumped about it--and you should be. 

You've decided to do something that's kind of really scary. You're taking a risk and that's something you should be proud of.

But let's face it: we start to feel the in between, and then we start questioning ourselves.

"Should I actually be doing this?" 
"On a scale of 1-10, how dumb of an idea was this?"

So you're stuck. 

Do you quit? Do you not quit?

I'll never encourage anyone to quit. I talk myself out of quitting things all the time and a lot of days, especially recently, I don't know why I haven't.

But I was thinking today, maybe it's just the in between. 

You know when you're on a road trip and you're in between Point A and Point B?

And between Point A and Point B there's nothing but land. 

And not like, grass and trees, but just...road (If you understand Texas, think Dallas and El Paso. There's a long road of nothing for over 10 hours).

And you feel like Point B isn't coming, ever and you're thinking, "Dubbya Tee! I just want to turn around and go home because I can't even!"

Maybe that's where you are. 

Your Point A was the great idea and the prep. Point B is the ultimate goal.

And the in between is the waiting, the crying, the frustration, the walking away, the coming back, the walking away again, the coming back again, and more waiting.

And during that in between you're frustrated, hopeful, depressed, optimistic, restless and every other up and down emotion.

And while you sit there watching people cross another milestone, or seeing people be very optimistic and cheery, you're just not feeling it. You're trying, but you're not in the mood because you're not there.

Well let me tell you from one human to another: this is normal, and you are not a bad person for feeling your feelings. 

I completely understand positivity, and I believe it is very much needed in the world, but I think it's also OK to remember we're humans, and feeling things is what should happen. And those feelings you're feeling in between is OK to feel. 

Until next time,