The Internet is Full of Lies, Y'all.

In my quest to grow my site I did a lot of researching. I’ve come across “branding coaches,” “business coaches,” “webinarpenuears” (girl…what?), etc.

I’ve read posts with vague details on how to grow and create an empire in 90 days (ha!) and travel all around the world while doing it. Did you know all need to do is throw up a site, buy a URL, and become a billionaire?  

I’ve read the sob stories of these people, too! How they went from living on welfare to making $12K a week with these “simple steps and little work” in a matter of two days! 

As a person who questions everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, I had to dig further. 

Who doesn’t want to make 12K a week before taxes? Why would I need to work hard if I get a chance to use these SIMPLE steps? If I just threw up a site and bought a URL, think of all the things I could do: 

- Pay off school loans!
- Upgrade my car (that new Maserati is super pretty!)
- All the overpriced organic foods in my fridge!

You guys, I could have so much money I wouldn't know what to do with it (I’ve heard someone say this).

If I do the math: Working 40 weeks a year making 12K doing these simple steps that means I am making 480K a year. 

Sign. Me. Up. 

Or not.

Listen, it’s all a lie.

The one thing missing in all of this is making a site and buying a URL is work. You cannot make a lot of money fast by following “easy” steps and little work. 

I’m not saying you can’t make 12K a week. I’m not saying you can’t triple your audience. I’m not saying it’s impossible to be profitable enough that you don’t have to work the traditional hours/time frame. I'm not saying there's an easier way of doing something that you've spent several months doing to get the same result. 

You can do ALL of those things (and more) but you have to WORK

People who make an additional 12K, especially with passive income, are ALWAYS working. They are up when the rest of us are asleep. They’re making proper business investments instead of blowing their money on silly things. They’re paying attention to their audience, researching, developing new content, guest posting, Periscoping, advertising, and marketing the entire hell out of their business.

If you want an additional five figures a month, you have to be willing to put in the five figure a month work. If you think you can do this easily, you’re wrong (or you’re an evil person scamming people which still makes you wrong). 

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to achieve whatever goal you want, but please don’t fall for the easy-as-pie bs that’s on the Internet. They’re all lies

Do not pay attention to people who are not constantly working to get their work out there.

Do not pay attention to headlines that state how bloggers make a million dollars a day “simply.”

Do not pay attention TO PEOPLE who do not have multiple sources of income to reach their goal. 

Do not pay attention to people who are constantly vague in details but want to charge you thousands of dollars to be successful. 

If someone tells you they know the way to make millions of dollars and all you have to do is pay 15 payments of your first born, that’s a scam! 

AGAIN: The only way to be successful is to do the work— the best, worst, cleanest, grimiest, part of the work. 

Any other way is a bold face lie. 

Clarissa Nash

Designer, photographer and writer who's half Daria/half bohemian with a pinch of Beyonce.