Wednesday I blogged about changing your brand's name and what you should consider before doing.

Ya'll, this is me speaking from personal experience, so I present to you: The journey to FIVE12 STUDIO.

My child. My baby. My blood, sweat, and tears.

What makes me happy, what gives me anxiety, what makes me extremely proud.

Back in the day, when I graduated with a second degree, I was quick to think, “How can I market myself while looking for full-time?” because it was important to keep up my skills while I continued to look for opportunity in the workforce.

I knew two things:

I wanted to design and I wanted to do photography.

After some Googling and bouncing ideas, I came up with CNICOLE Photodesign, which I would shorten, ‘cnicolepd’ across the web. C being Clarissa, and Nicole being…well Nicole.

It worked for a bit. I branded, bought the domain, set up my blog, Facebook, Twitter, and put together a very simple and plain website and started going. I didn’t have a ton to share but I kept in mind I just graduated so that’s OK.

My first website on Weebly. And yes, that header/logo is not that great.

What I did have was family and friends photos to show my photography skills and a few internship pieces. I was ready, or so I thought. I eventually got temp assignments and kept researching.

I started blogging after coming across a few popular design blogs because I thought, “Oh that’s cool. I can do that too.” I was very oblivious to the behind the scenes of blogging. But here are some of the mistakes I learned from in the beginning: I didn’t map out the vision I had for the long term.

Logo redo part 1. Better than the last. Still not good. 

Because of the economy, I only focused on the very short-term goal (to get income, now). I didn’t have a mentor. I went out there on my own and really winged it. That’s not really a mistake, but I was completely clueless and didn’t reach out for help. I did free gigs and got used. Yeah, remember that post about to free or not to free? That came from personal experience. I undercharged, didn’t do a contract (ya’ll…I know) and eventually got completely screwed. I never thought of the details, the other costs, the time, anything.

The last of the mohicans. The font stayed, the name didn't.

It was late 2012/early 2013 I was I really tired of CNICOLE Photodesign. I didn’t like the way it flowed anymore. I didn’t like how it felt to the ears when I told people. I also thought it was limiting.

I brainstormed and figured out what name would better coincide with what I wanted to do. What would go (and look) well with branding, a collaboration, a product line, etc. It came to me upon a midnight hour (quite literally) to use a variation of my birthdate, May 12.

FIVE12 STUDIO is now a way to serve people through more than just this and that. I’m free to add or subtract services.

And honestly, I downright love it.

Are you considering changing your brand's name? Have you? I'd love to know bit more about your decision!

Until next time,