Episode 12: Solopreneuring It Solo, and Other Things (Season Finale)


Being a solopreneur solo, or single, is a beast in and of itself. For some reason we don't talk about it. Well, I'm changing that and opening myself up about running a solo business and being your own cheerleader. I also tell a story of something that happened while reaching out that taught me to practice my inner Southern "Bless your heart." Some people won't understand your vision and that's fine--they don't have to and you don't need to waste your time (or in this case, fingers) explaining it to them.

Also, gun reform now. Thanks.


FIVE12 FM is going on a brief hiatus so I decided to call this the season finale episode. Don't worry, it'll be back sooner than you can binge listen to all twelve of the episodes of FIVE12 FM and the bonus episodes focused on The Hills. ;)


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