The best way to connect with your audience is a strong visual brand. Leaving an imprint helps recognition long after they visit you. Together we’ll set and execute the tone making sure each piece is comparable with the brand while building brand loyalty. Whether you need someone to direct a project or revive a brand in limbo, we’ll develop a multi-channel visual brand strategy that’s suitable for print, web, and digital.



VIsual Branding

We’ll marry your message with your target audience create visuals that will leave a brand imprint. When we finish, your brand will be suitable for multi-channel platforms.

Starting: $2500

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art Direction

Launching a special project? FIVE12 STUDIO helps brands create visual content tailor fit for marketing campaigns. Your ideas are met with visual strategies to bring your target audience.

Starting: $1650


web design

This is your digital home- the place your audience is likely to flock to first. Not only does it need to look great, it needs to be responsive and user-friendly. Together, we'll take time to make sure your site reflects the same quality you provide your customers.

Starting: $3500


Brand consulting

Running FIVE12  taught me one thing: you need a plan! Together we’ll sort through what’s working, toss out what’s not, and pull it together to attract the clients  you want.

Starting: $750

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If you could have standout graphics where your brand lives that would be great, but you don't have time so you grab and go. Focus on your business and leave the graphics to me. Whether it's social media or blog posts, your visual brand will be seen across every place you sit online.

Starting: $500/5 hours a month (min)


Pick My Brain

Schedule a one-hour meeting with to ask specific questions about all things branding and design.  Note: This is not a consultation. This is for general questions only.

Starting: $100/hour

How We Work

Kick Off

We’ll get to know each other and become business besties. First a mini homework assignment- you’ll fill out a questionnaire that gets the brain going. After reviewing it, I’ll dive in more learning everything about your business. 


We’ll bounce off of each other and eventually finish each other’s sentences. We’ll start narrowing down ideas and I’ll present to you a mood board tying our ideas together and putting them in one central location.

Get to Work

Working on one client per week allows me to be be solely dedicated to you. Hopelessly devoted, if you will. Once a week, we’ll do an online review so I can hear feedback from one another first-hand. This eliminates excessive back and forth emails and phone calls and helps you know where we are in the process. 



From the feedback we’ll make changes and tighten lose ends. With website/blog build outs, testing is crucial to make sure the user experience is 100%. 

Wrapping Up

Once everything is approved, branding materials are provided  in its final design. Website and blog launches will come with a simple video guide for practical usage. Need help after a project closes? No sweat. You get two-week support after date of completion completely free.