Hiring FIVE12 STUDIO on retainer will help you focus and monetize your brand while I make sure everything you release visually matches your message.

What you'll get:

One-on-one attention to detail of your brand. We'll discuss your needs and timelines find the right amount of hours per month. 

Discounted rate:

Instead of hiring FIVE12 STUDIO for a few projects, hiring per month gets you a discount of the hourly price by 15 percent.

Access to multiple FIVE12 STUDIO services:

Need to throw some ideas? That's included. Need an audit on your current brand and suggestions on making improvements? Let's do it. Need services that are part of the a la cart services? Throw it  in the to-do list. 


Now that you don't have to worry about design, you're free to put together prepping your next presentation without worry. 

In the end, I'm your creative partner.

Focus on being the voice of your brand while I work on the creative details. 

Let's Get Started

All packages include a three-month minimum to make sure your package works for your needs. Should you need more hours, they'll be added to your next bill.


5 hours per month
3 month minimum



8 hours per month
3 month minimum


12 hours per month
3 month minimum

The Pocket Creative FAQs

What if I need more hours than what we agreed on?

I'll let you know how many hours you have left at the end of the day or week, depending on the schedule we agree with. I will then give you an estimate on how long remaining tasks will take and if it's necessary to purchase more hours and how many. Additional hours are built at $50 and will reflect on the next bill.

Can my hours roll over?

If you purchase 12 hours or more and only use 10, those two hours can be rolled over into the next month.

Why do I need to have a three-month commitment?

Three months give us time to get to know each other's workflow and find a groove.

When do I pay?

Your first payment is due at the time we sign our contract. You'll get an invoice 10 days before your payment is due for the next month.

For example: if you sign on the contract on the 5th, your payment for the first month will be due then. Thereafter, your your payment for the next month will due on the 5th.

I have more questions. Help!

No worries. Send me an email at hello@five12studio.com.