What is The Brand Base?

The Brand Base is the perfect, in-depth, program that helps those who are serious about starting their brand or nee re-think your brand. If you’re a DIY-er, a solopreneur, or a micro-sized business (you and two of your friends are taking the plunge this year to finally start that business!), this is the perfect program to get yourself in gear.

1. You have no idea how to explain who you are and why you exist.

2. When asked about your mission and vision statements, you look like a deer
in headlights.

3. You think Scriptina is a great font for your brand because is "feminine."


It’s great that you want a new website and a fancy logo,
but do you have your brand figured out?

Do you know, at the core, how you’re going to target your audience?

Whether you’re building your brand by way of a new business or blogging, The Brand Base will help you:

Define the core of your brand by identifying your mission and vision statements.

Find your voice by determining your personality so your message attracts your target audience.

Design from the framework you set, whether you’re working with a designer or doing it yourself.