How You & FIVE12 STUDIO work Together

Kick Off & Brainstorming

We’ll get to know each other and develop a working relationship. You’ll fill out a questionnaire that gets the brain going. Once we narrow down ideas, I’ll present a mood board tying our ideas together and start putting them in motion.

Strategy & Design

Strategy is 100% needed so we know the best way to represent your audience. Once strategy is set, I'll start designing bringing our brainstorming sessions and strategies to life. Working on one client per week allows me to be be solely dedicated to you. Hopelessly devoted, if you will.

Review & Refine

A weekly review will be had online or in person to eliminate excessive emails and phone calls.  With websites and blogs, two weeks of testing are built to test user experience, where we'll also note and make changes before launch.

Launch & Release

Once everything is approved, branding materials are provided in its final design. Website and blog launches will come with a simple video guide for practical usage. Need help after a project closes? No sweat. You get two-week support after date of completion completely free. 

See what clients have to say!

Who are your clients?

Most clients have been operating successfully for at least three years with a separate branding/marketing budget. Areas include (but not limited to): retail, food and beverage, and lifestyle.

What if I'm getting started?

First, congratualations on taking the leap! I know it can be tough and I'm so proud of you! Next, follow the blog, join my chats on Instagram, and downloand The Brand Base for free!

I'll be your Internet bestie.

Ooooh! How can The Brand Base help me?

Glad you asked! The Brand Base is a great way to figure out what you want with your brand (business or blog). It will help you find and identify your voice, narrow down your choices for color, and overall organize your thoughts to create a cohesive brand right out the gate! PLUS you get access to other materials that will help you create a consistent brand flawlessly.

How long does a project take?

Depends on the project, but there's at least 8 weeks for all projects. Retainer clients work a bit differently.

WAIT! I want to add something to our project but it's already started.

No worries! We'll take a look at your needs and we'll plan from there. Additional hours will be billed at $100/hour.

I need branding now

For your sake and mine, I don't pick up rushed projects. I'll review the case and should I choose to work on it, there will be an additional $500 rush fee added to the total amount.